In the field of ​​Artistic Production, has been developing several special projects as a editorial producer, musical producer, recording and curating, and has released important records and sheet music publications of brazilian music from his label and publishing house ÁguaForte.
Noteworthy are the sheet music publications "Willy Corrêa de Oliveira, Nowadays" or "All Nazareth, complete works," or the albums "Gogo's piano", "The violin in the metropolis", "Bixiga70" and "Martinez - 50º".
He has just produced Marcus Siqueira's chamber album "Backlight" for SESC label, and is recording the works of the composer Olivier Toni, also for the same label.

In the field of ​​Composition he has a work aimed at the promotion of chamber groups repertorie, with pieces dedicated and recorded by contemporary ensembles working in São Paulo and Brazil as Percorso Ensemble and Epifania Piano Trio.

In the area of ​​Soundtrack since 1994 he develops a research and experimentation in several areas of applied music, such as theater, performance, dance, video, and sound art, having had an intense contact and importance in his training and education. Have been collaborating, amongst others, with Antonio Araújo (Teatro da Vertigem), José Mojica Marins (Coffin Joe), Evaldo Mocarzel, Phillipe Barcinsky, Carlos Nader, Jorge Bodansky, Eugenio Puppo and Cinemateca Brasileira.

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Tatiana Blass - Metade da Fala no Chão - Piano Surdo